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Knowledge & Skills Gained Over A Lifetime


If you're a sole trader, or heading in the direction of ending up on the pension, this course is for you.
 Propel To Passive Income is a program that teaches practical tools anyone, at any stage of life, can use to set themselves up with passive income over a lifetime.
This is not a quick fix, just some common sense strategies to ensure a more comfortable retirement.

Make your plan for a lifetime investment.

Are you an apprentice, trainee or over 55? 


"Whatever you do, don't end up with a set of worn out tools, a worn out body, and nothing to show for it."

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For sole traders and business owners who want to invest in property, but don't know where to start.


About Dennis Gordge

Dennis is a boatbuilder & the creator of one day workshop, Propel To Passive Income With Property.

"When I first started, all I wanted was to meet someone who had a successful portfolio of property to give me guidance and advice. 

Now I can be that person for you.​

I am going to open my considerable property portfolio and give you every ounce of what I have done to reach the point I am at now.


I have a significant passive income from my properties and I am completely at ease with the idea of retirement."

Propel To Passive Income

The Propel to Passive Income Program is a one day workshop designed to get you to a point where you may be able to get a good passive income, or a the very least, get into a position where you can give back your knowledge and skills in your chosen field.

I like to teach by example. That's why I will be opening up my portfolio of 12 different properties, with 17 passive income streams.


I will cover how each property was purchased and why.

I will explain the massive advantages gained in growth, tax and income.

As we go through each purchase, you will see how you can get to a position of wealth and passive income over time, with a bit of effort.

At the end of the day you will come away with a lifetime plan, and be given a reminder pendant and hand-made gift.


"After attending the Propel to Passive Income workshop, I feel like I have a plan on how to budget and save my money in order to invest in property, so no matter what happens I will have money coming in each week for the rest of my life. I feel so motivated and can’t wait to put this plan into place. Thank you so much Dennis."

—  vanessa, 32 - sole trader

If you want:

  • A property portfolio that will pay you money

  • Some form of superannuation at retirement

  • Early retirement

  • Some security in life

  • An investment property

  • Your own work premises that pay YOU rent

  • Your first investment property

  • Ways to use Self Managed Super Funds

Then you MUST attend.

Image by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlba
Young Couple

Who should attend:

  • People starting out in property

  • Anyone interested in property

  • Anyone who does not want to end up on the pension

  • Sole Traders

  • Anyone with an ABN

  • Those too busy to make the time - you'll benefit the most of all!


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