Do you have a facebook group?

We will have this up and running shortly.

How many people go along to each course?

I ​will run the course if I have  2 attendees or 15 attendees.

What is the course about? 

The main aim is to get you to a point in life where you are getting another source of income as well as your regular income. When you get to the point in life where you can no longer work in your passion / job you will have extra income for your lifetime.

Do you work one on one or in small groups?

Yes, most definitely. If you had a group of 3 or more I will run a course at a time that suites you. One-on-one is negotiated with you. It is more expensive, but tailored more to you.

Why did you start this course?

My property investments have saved my butt several times through my life. At a young age 
I wanted to invest in property and I had no one to guide me, let alone guide me through to making a lifetime plan, which is what this course is about.

Do you only run courses to your scheduled times and places?

No. As long as I get three or more attendees, I'm happy to create custom times or split the course over two sessions. For 10 or more attendees, I will travel to your area within reason.

When are you doing courses in Sydney?

I will be working on that very soon.

You say your course is unbiased and completely independent. You must have a favourite investment.

Yes I do have a couple of favourite types of investments that suite me. But this course is about you, one of the main aims of this course is to get you to identify the investment types that suite you. It might be completely the opposite to the type that suites the person sitting next to you in the course. 


How do you get paid for this?

The fees that you guys pay is the only income. I am not a finance broker or developer, or estate agent with commissions. I am a boatbuilder with a very substantial income from my investments.

Why would I pay for the course when I can get information on all this stuff on the net?

My portfolio of property is not available on the net, if it was you would still need all the other information I give you during the day. You will learn how I felt with each purchase, how to alleviate the fears, how to build the confidence, and build your own lifetime plan for investing - it might be just 1 or 2 properties or several. Walk away from the day with your own plan in hand.  

I have been burnt by real estate in the past. Why should I come to your course?

You pay an up-front fee for this course, there is no up-sell at the end of the day. You have lots of dates to choose from. My idea is to make my course affordable so more people can benefit from the information.

What makes your course so unique? 

Lots of things. I am giving you everything I have in regard to investing in property the way I have, I am leading by example and very transparent. 

Do you sell anything other than your course?

No, nothing. It is a little bit the opposite to that. I have made 600 hand made gifts, each person who comes along gets one of these gifts. Also I give each one of you a timeline reminder to get off your butt and do something for yourself. You might not know this yet but when you get to that point in life, you might just get the urge to help others.    


Do you get kick backs or recommend products?


Are you in cahoots with anyone else financially?


I have been burnt by realestate why come to your course?

So you do not get burnt again.

You say you dissect your portfolio, is it about you, or us?

I do this to show you the good and not so good of investing in property. Also when we go through the property portfolio one property at a time, I get you to think only of your situation. I ask you to adapt anything I have done so it is relevant to you, discarding that which doesn't suite you..

I do not earn much or have any savings, is it worth coming along?

If you have any interest in property or are interested in having extra income through your life, come along. There is great info on saving and getting extra income to save for a deposit. All the rest of the information is a fantastic insight into what is possible, and you walk away with the plan  for life.

I am in my 50’s is there anything in the course for me?

It is definitely not too late. The information you will get will certainly give you ideas on what you can achieve. You too will walk away with a plan.

How long do I have to use my voucher, can I pass it on?

You can pass it on, but it is too valuable to give away so, if you have one use it. Purchase another one and pass that one on.

I am still in my apprenticeship, earning very little. Should I come along or wait till I am a tradesperson?

Definitely come along! I started when I was an apprentice - that means you can too.

How will I get motivated to actually do something?

The first step to being motivated to do anything  is actually getting up from in front of your phone or your computer and actually start on your path. So come along to my course. Make a plan. Your journey will start from here. I will motivate you.